About Me

Hi there! My name is Rebecca, and I’m so glad you’ve found my little corner of the Internet.

A little about me: I’m a twenty-something finding my way into adulthood in this crazy world. I graduated college with an engineering degree in 2019, and I currently work in a medical lab in Grand Rapids, MI. I married my best friend in 2022 and we live out in the country outside Grand Rapids. I’m passionate about music, the outdoors, my friends, and my faith. I love writing too, and discovered a passion I have for songwriting recently. Thoughts and Sounds is my space to share what I’m creating with you.

I started this blog because I love to write, and I hope that by sharing my experiences and what I’m learning about life and faith, I can help you along your journey as well. I believe that God has a full life planned for each one of us (John 10:10), and I want to journey with you as we discover the life we’re meant to live.

So at Thoughts and Sounds you can expect to find blog posts about faith, relationships, wellness, and maybe some practical tips I learn about adulting– since we could all use a little help with that from time to time. Later this year, I hope to have links and lyrics to my original music and the thoughts that inspired the songs.

We’re all trying to find the life we’re meant to live. I believe that life is found in Jesus Christ. So why not come along with me on this journey, and let’s live this full life together!

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