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The Importance of True Rest

We live in a society that makes us feel like we need to be constantly on the move. But I’m convinced that true rest is out there, and that it really is possible to feel refreshed and renewed even in the midst of a busy life. When we are able to trust God to provide even when we take time off to be with Him and rest, we can stop being stressed out by the idea of ceasing to be productive.

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It’s Not Too Late

As we go into 2022, take heart; it is not too late to start over. It’s not too late to get yourself out of survival mode and start thriving again. It’s not too late to claim the promises God gives us in His word, and to follow the dreams He has placed in your heart.

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Love that Drives Out Fear

Fear is a natural emotion, but if we want to live a fulfilling life, we can’t let it rule us. How do we manage this? We don’t have to fear if we remind ourselves that we are perfectly loved and cared for by a God who knows the future– and is not afraid of it.

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Living a Fulfilled Life

Most of us live very busy lives. No matter what stage of life we’re in, it seems like there’s always way too many things on our plate. When you’re a student, it’s homework and extracurriculars and part-time jobs. If you’re a parent, there’s always cleaning to do and dinner to prepare and someplace the kids…

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From Heartache to Hope: A Reflection on 2020

This year has brought a lot of unexpected heartache. Maybe you, like me, went into 2020 saying “this is going to be my year!” only to be blindsided in March by the Covid-19 virus. And just when summer seemed to bring some relief from the lockdowns and restrictions, the death of George Floyd and the…

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